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Welcome future TRAILS IN MOTION host! We look forward to working with you - and best of all, hosting the Trails In Motion Film Tour is as easy as tying the shoe laces on your favourite pair of trail kicks. First, check out the FAQ below, and if you’re happy with everything then complete the contact form at the bottom of the page. We’ll get back to you within 48hrs (unless we’re out on a trail somewhere, which means it could take a little longer) with more information to get the ball rolling.


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Can I host my own TRAILS IN MOTION screening?

What a great question! Of course you can, events are locally hosted screenings run by event organisers, running clubs, retail shops and even individuals who simply just want to show off their passion for everything trail running!

Is there a possibility to host TRAILS IN MOTION for a French-speaking community?

Yes, we can offer the films with French subtitles and you can work directly with our French-speaking team. Click here for more information.

Will someone from TRAILS IN MOTION come to help me host?

As much as we love to travel, we unfortunately don’t attend any of the screenings. We’ll provide you with the information, tools, films and all-round stoke, but TRAILS IN MOTION hosts are completely in charge of putting on a great event, including everything from finding a venue to ticket sales, and promotion.

Does it cost money?

Yes. We charge a tiered event fee to screen TRAILS IN MOTION depending on the maximum capacity of your venue.

Where can I screen TRAILS IN MOTION?

We encourage you to think outside the box on this one but as a suggestion, look out for venues that are already well equipped with the necessary audio/visual equipment, have the adequate space and above all, will make for an unforgettable experience for your audience. 

When can I host a TRAILS IN MOTION  screening?

Screenings of the current TRAILS IN MOTION program can be can be hosted within approximately 12 months of launching. You can contact us at any point to start the booking process for your screening, but the earlier the better to ensure that you have plenty of time to prepare and promote.

Will you assist me with the promotion of my event?

Absolutely, sharing the TRAILS IN MOTION love is our #1 priority. Once we have signed a short contract, and the event fee has been paid, we will then send you all the films along with some final instructions, plus we'll list your event details on the TRAILS IN MOTION world tour schedule and use our social media channels to encourage audience interest in your area.

Okay, I see. But how does it work, and will I make money?

The objective behind TRAILS IN MOTION is to create a socially engaging event, one that you as a host can be proud of. Ultimately, we want the screening to meet the local organizers’ goals, whether that be turning a profit or to provide free entertainment for members and customers. The only payment you will make to us is the event fee (as mentioned above). After that, the financial model will depend on the type of show you host. But remember, consider the following: Will you be renting a venue? Will you be paying for audio/visual equipment and seating hire? What will you be charging for tickets, if anything? Make sure you have all the logistical boxes ticked! We can assist with providing insight into these elements, just ask!

Here are a few suggestions for hosting a successful and fun show:

Think about your community, what kind of turnout do you expect? If you are screening in a retail store or at your local sports club, make sure there is adequate and comfortable seating room for your audience. What are your plans for projection? High quality playback of the films is achieved when screened off a laptop computer or PC using a HD projector, and you will receive a digital copy of the films instead of a DVD. Some venues offer digital media player facilities, ask about those. What price of tickets will help you offset your cost, but also not deter people from attending?

Can I find local sponsors?

Yes, local sponsors are a great way to help cover the event fee and other costs however sponsors who directly compete with TRAILS IN MOTION’s global partners will not be accepted. Once again, we can advise you on this where necessary.

Do I need to screen all films on the official selection?

Each year, film makers from all over the world submit their films to TRAILS IN MOTION in the hopes of being included on the tour. The films that are selected have gone through a rigorous selection process to make our official selection, so as credit to the the filmmakers that have devoted their time to making these films, we ask that you please do screen all of them.

Are the films rated?

The films are not officially rated, however they may contain occasional adult language. Parental discretion is advised.

This all looks great! I’d love to host my own TRAILS IN MOTION screening.  What do I do now?

If you’re happy with all of the details mentioned above then you’re ready to host your very own screening. Please fill out the enquiry form below and we’ll get back you ASAP!


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The Trails In Motion Film Tour is an annual international film and content showcase for the community, by the community, bringing a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. Join like-minded trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts at engaging film festival-styled events as they come together to celebrate the diverse culture of the sport.

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