Meet The Host 2019: Jeri Chua

In this next instalment of “Meet the Host” we sat down with Jeri Chua, our host bringing the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour to Singapore, and helping grow the trail running community here.
Trails In Motion [TIM]: How long have you been hosting the tour for, and what initially drew you to wanting to host it?
Jeri Chua [JC]: I've been hosting Trails In Motion for 3 years now, and it all started because I really wanted to attend a screening to watch all the films, but there wasn't a screening available in Hong Kong or Singapore at the time!
TIM: What aspect of hosting the tour do you enjoy the most, other than the films?
JC: I love that Trails In Motion is a time for the community (not just runners!) to get together and interact on a social level, watch films that inspire and motivate, and have so much to share together and after. The support we get from the local brand distributors is so generous as well, which certainly helps to draw in a crowd! It's just a great opportunity to have a night out with everyone, sharing what we love.
TIM: What has been your all time favourite Trails In Motion film and why?
JC: That's a tough call, but it'd have to be Thirty Hours. That one never fails to keep my emotions riding a rollercoaster, with my heart in my mouth at the end. I reckon everyone else is just as gripped when watching it!
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TIM: What "sort" of trail films would you like to see more of in the future of the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour?
JC: I like the mix that tour has, short films and long ones, but I'd like to see more stories of race experiences. Those are the ones I relate to best, get drawn in to, and get the most satisfaction from watching.
TIM: How do you see the Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour impacting the Singapore Trail Community, do you feel it is helping to build the trail running category and community. What do you feel will help to add value to the trail community and see it growing in the future?
JC: I think the more we do as a community, the more events we have that allow us to interact socially, really boosts the local community. It also helps expand the community by giving all outdoor enthusiasts a platform to share their aims, dreams and goals, to raise questions and draw on the combined experience of the local community, as well as providing yet another source of inspiration, motivation and encouragement for the community in their endeavours. At Red Dot Running Company, we're trying to make this a regular occurence with monthly movie nights, free workshops, talks and seminars with experts, all aimed at sharing knowledge and building the community.

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The Ledlenser Trails In Motion Film Tour is an annual international film and content showcase for the community, by the community, bringing a collection of the finest trail and ultra running films to passionate audiences around the world. Join like-minded trail runners and adventure sports enthusiasts at engaging film festival-styled events as they come together to celebrate the diverse culture of the sport.

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